Lynchburg 36 (CD162) Glass Insulator. Light to Medium Aqua.

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This insulator, CD162, Lynchburg 36, will make a fine addition to your collection. The beautiful Light to Medium Aqua hues will make a beautiful paperweight, or simply an elegant display piece. The photos are representative of what you will receive. Bright and shiny. 

These are in good shape with no major blemishes. The insulator has been cleaned in a specially formulated acid bath and thoroughly washed for maximum shine.

Please note that many of our items are vintage and many are used. The sands of time have an effect on materials due to years of weather, handling, storage technique, and/or natural degradation of the material itself. The photos are typical of the product shown. Actual grain patterns in wood, finish colors, small insulator blemishes etc., vary slightly with each piece we acquire or make.

We make every effort to ensure that the pictures shown represent what you will receive. We try and accurately describe the items we offer. Due to differences in lighting, cameras, display devices, there may be differences of opinion as to the attributes of a particular item.

If you are dissatisfied and believe our assessment of an item is incorrect, please contact us. We will do all we can to make it right. We want to earn the privilege of having you as our customer.